Annoucement of a new investment in Poland

GSK has announced a new investment in Poland, through plans to create a new regional Finance Hub alongside its existing operations in Poznan. The new Hub will bring together GSK’s end-to-end Finance processes of Planning & Forecasting and Close & Control, as well as other specialist accounting activities. The investment is around PLN 30 million and will create 200-300 new experienced and specialized Finance jobs in Poznań.

The new Poznan Hub is one of three regional Finance hubs around the world and is part of GSK Finance’s new Global Finance Operating model. These hubs will be centres of expertise involving high end analysis, reporting, planning, co-ordination and judgement. The Poznań Finance Hub will be responsible for Europe and will work closely with colleagues across Europe as well as various functions, such as R&D or production supporting approximately £8 billion of Group turnover.

In addition to business Planning & Forecasting, Financial Reporting and Control, the new team will also be involved in driving GSK towards a modern, technology-led world class Finance function with intelligent automation, including mobile technology and robotic process automation solutions.

The current team of about 2000 GSK employees in Poland will be joined by another 80 people in 2019, with ultimately a strong team of around 200-300 specialists in Poznan over the next two years. This is a unique and exciting opportunity where people can expect to build their Finance career and capabilities through a range of different Finance experiences: from planning to reporting & analysis; R&D, Corporate to manufacturing and Commercial finance. The new hub, like GSK’s previous investments in Poland, will help develop specialized Finance talent within the Polish economy.