GSK Finance Hub – Europe Launch

On November 14 in presence of Iain Mackay, CFO of GSK and Finance Leadership Team members we officially launched GSK Finance Hub – Europe based in Poland. The Hub’s members shared their journey so far, as well as presented what’s next to come in the following years.

On this big day the hub’s community which includes teams from both Poznan and Warsaw hosted a lot of important GSK guests who supported the creation of this center of finance expertise. Apart from the Finance representatives, also HR, recruitment and Facility Management teams joined the celebration, making the total number of 220 people in the audience.

For most of the people it was the first visit in the modern office located in the Business Garden complex as well as the first occasion to meet the whole team. Presentations by members of GSK Finance Hub – Europe, showing important events for the Hub, as well as achievements, plans and expectations for the future helped in getting to know them better. They proved to be one community but also as the group of individuals of coming from
different countries and having various backgrounds and experience. It was a great day for GSK Finance Hub – Europe and another important milestone in building GSK Finance.

Andy Eastland (GSK Finance Hub – Europe, Hub Lead)

The GSK Finance Hub – Europe has been on an amazing journey in the last year, and the launch was a perfect way to look back, celebrate and share with others the great progress that we have made so far. I am so very proud of how well the team came together to represent our building community, and the quality of people that we have so far been able to attract to join us. A brilliant day, to represent a brilliant year.