GSK Finance Hub – Europe grows in strength

Over 100 employees have already joined the ranks of the new financial center, whose headquarter is located in Poznan.

Apart from the reputation of GSK, as a desirable employer offering its employees comfortable working conditions and various benefits, the candidates are attracted by prospects for skills development in the area of advanced financial processes. There are plenty of possibilities and directions of development – from reporting, planning, coordination and financial advisory, to performing advanced analyzes. Ultimately, nearly 300 highly qualified experts will work in GSK Finance Hub – Europe not only from all over Poland, but also from abroad.

The Polish financial center is part of GSK global operating model, responsible for serving the European region. Similar two units, responsible for serving Americas, as well as for Asia and Australia, are located in Costa Rica and Malaysia respectively.

Working in GSK financial center not only allows to improve the advanced financial but also to gain experience in an innovative and dynamically developing pharmaceutical industry. For experts who are just starting their careers in finance, it is an ideal starting point for the development of anm international career in the structures of a company whose logo is recognized around the world. For experienced managers, it can become a springboard to success and a chance to open up completely new career perspectives.

It is still possible to join GSK Finance Hub – Europe. Current job offers are available in the tab