GSK Finance Hub at Poznan Business Summit 2019

Lectures, workshops, debates – forms of meetings were different, but the topic was one and only – finance. That is why GSK Finance Hub could not have missed Poznan Business Summit 2019 and decided to take the patronage over the event.

During numerous meetings that lasted for over a month at the Poznan University of Economics, participants discussed about financial markets, accounting, controlling and financial engineering. They were extremely inspiring because different groups of experts met in one place – students, PhD students, scientists as well as business representatives.

There were also GSK representatives who on May 13 held an open lecture on Finance in research and development area (R&D). The audience had the opportunity to learn more about the financial world of R&D projects, as well as GSK Finance Hub in Poznan itself, which will also need experts in this field. Students appreciated the knowledge and commitment of the speakers, Edyta Wirkowska and James Wheatcroft, asking them a lot of detailed questions.

Poznan Business Summit was crowned by the National Scientific Conference during which the attendees could have get acquainted with the recruitment offers for GSK Finance Hub. A full list of currently wanted experts for the Poznan hub is available at: