ACCA Platinum accreditation achieved by GSK Finance Hub – Europe

GSK Finance Hub – Europe has successfully obtained the ACCA Approved Employer Trainee Development – Platinum accreditation, joining an exclusive group of employers supporting ACCA students.

Achieving Approved Employer status provides our organization with an accessible benchmark for your training and support. The ACCA Approved Employer Programme recognizes employers’ high standards of staff training and development. Because ACCA’s standards are the same globally, employees can progress with their necessary training to become ACCA member as part of their job while working in GSK.

What are the benefits for the students?
ACCA students who are employed by GSK qualify easier as they gain exemption from having to detail and record the training evidence associated with each of ACCA Performance Experience Requirements (all students are still required to gain overall 36 months’ of relevant practical experience, where the experience from previous employer will also count; provided that certain expectations are met). Our HUB  also actively supports the acquisition of ACCA qualifications by providing funding in accordance with the internal rules of GSK Finance Hub-Europe.

What are the benefits for the ACCA members?
GSK is also a globally approved employer at the Professional Development level, which means that ACCA Members who are employed by GSK are exempted from having to follow the path of continuous professional development (CPD). Members only need to confirm that they work for the Approved Employer (PD) when submitting the annual CPD declaration, because GSK’s participation in the Approved Employer Program guarantees them annual exemption from CPD.